Introducing Story Duniya App: World of Indian Tales

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StoryDuniya Illustrative Kids Animated App
Magical world of stories

Story Duniya is an exciting new app that brings a world of animated tales to children across the globe. With a new story added every week, children can enjoy a fresh adventure each time they log in. And with multi-language audio available, the app is accessible to children from diverse backgrounds.

Story Duniya is a kid-friendly app with a variety of engaging animated tales, from classic fables to modern adventures. It offers multi-language audio, including Hindi and Gujarati, making it accessible to children from diverse backgrounds. This app promotes inclusivity and a love of storytelling while providing a safe and entertaining experience for children.

Where children can explore and engage in new and exciting ways

Explore in new exciting ways

With a simple and intuitive user interface, Story Duniya is easy for children to use. They can choose from a wide range of stories, browse by category or language, and Parents can rest assured that their children are safe while using the app.

Story Duniya is also committed to promoting a love of listening & watching in children. In addition to animated tales, the app also offers a range of interactive reading experiences, where children can explore and engage with stories in new and exciting ways.

Platform that inspires and educates children

The team behind Story Duniya is passionate about creating a platform that inspires and educates children, while also providing a fun and entertaining experience. With its engaging animated tales, multi-language audio, and commitment to promoting literacy, Story Duniya is poised to become a leading app for kids around the world.

Story Duniya is all about kids


If you’re looking for an app that will inspire and entertain your children, while also promoting literacy and inclusivity, then Story Duniya is definitely worth checking out. With a new story added every week and a wide range of features to explore, there’s something for every child on this exciting new platform.


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