The Significance of Guru Purnima (Aruni) With Story Duniya’s Tales

The tale of Guru Bhakt Aruni unfolds

Guru Purnima is a revered festival that acknowledges the role of mentors in our lives. In Story Duniya, a treasure trove of captivating tales, we find stories that illuminate the transformative power of the mentor-disciple relationship. Let’s explore the profound wisdom and guidance offered by these stories and their relevance.

The tale of Bhakt Aruni

Aruni's loyaty and surrender to his guru
Aruni’s loyaty and surrender to his mentor

Aruni, a disciple of the wise sage Dhoumya, learned in a gurukul, where students lived with their teacher. In those times, students helped with daily tasks to gain knowledge. One winter day, Aruni collected firewood for the sage’s household.

While carrying the firewood, Aruni noticed a breach in the embankment holding water in his teacher’s field. He knew that if the water drained away, the crops would die. Aruni faced a dilemma – should he immediately fix the breach or rush back with the firewood?

The divine grace

The guru's divine grace
The divine grace

Aruni quickly dropped the firewood at the hermitage and informed his teacher about the problem. He then rushed back to the troubled spot. Despite his efforts to stop the leakage, the pressure of water washed away his makeshift dam. Aruni felt helpless.

Story Duniya serves as a virtual sanctuary

Tales like Guru Bhakt Aruni's
Tales like Bhakt Aruni’s

When darkness fell, Aruni’s teacher grew worried and searched for him. Eventually, he found Aruni lying on the breach, trying to cover the gap. The disciples rescued Aruni from the freezing water. Aruni was concerned about the crops, but his teacher reassured him that he was more precious.

Aruni did his journey of self-discovery

Bond between guru and disciples
Bond between mentor and disciples

Aruni was taken back to the hermitage, where his teacher tended to him. Sage Dhoumya blessed Aruni for his unwavering devotion and obedience. Aruni’s selflessness and commitment to his mentor would be remembered forever.


The story of Aruni highlights the deep bond between a teacher and a disciple. Aruni’s actions showed his sense of responsibility and dedication. Through his unwavering devotion, he taught us the importance of putting others’ needs before our own. It is a valuable lesson about the relationship between a mentor and shishya, emphasizing respect, loyalty, and selflessness.

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